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Here's a league for vanguard players. This league will be used to set an atmosphere like the one of the anime with clan leaders, tournaments and much more
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PostSubject: Megacolony   Mon Jan 25, 2016 10:28 pm

Welcome one, welcome all.

Have you ever wondered which clan was the most loyal? Most hardworking? Most determined? Knights of the light? Fearless dragons? Demons from the underworld? Invaders from parts unknown? The correct answer, is us.

Be it some of our mutated cousins, or my personal favorite, Machining, we all are an organization. You're more than welcome to be apart, and if you ever attempt to leave, you're more than welcome to be our dinner. Because we know what you want, and we're the best at stopping you from doing exactly that. Challenging us isn't wise, but who are we to decline a fair fight? Or at least, what you believe to be one.

Inquire within, but be sure you've made up your mind. We can't assure you that you'll like your new self, or be able to return to your old one. Ahuhuhuhu~

[Open for Megacolony-related questions, or even a discussion below]
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